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Come and meet us at Sicurezza in Milan Stand R25

After the excellent edition of 2014 – 29,000 square meters of exhibition space, 512 exhibitors & 20,301 trade visitors – SICUREZZA, the leading international event in Italy in the sectors of security & fire-prevention, returns to Fiera Milano from 3 to 5 November 2015. ESI Group invites you to its stand R25 to discover its latest innovations in security.

3 – 5 November 2015 – Fiera Milano Rho
Hall 22 – Stand R25

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​Alarm Monitoring and the Future by Claude-Philippe NERI

Recent events confirmed our feeling that the Alarm Monitoring Market Place is naturally helped by the new technologies.

The present Network weakness (PSTN and GPRS) will be abandoned to switch mainly on 4G and tomorrow 4G+; 4.5G; 5G or fibre network for information and multimedia transportation.

Connected devices, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Intelligence will provide sustainable solutions to face the Big Data of security information.

Big data security analytics can become the nexus of information security integration

This situation is an opportunity for the Cybersecurity.

In the near future, machines that are linked together in networks could revolutionize the architecture of existing infrastructures including manufacturing, energy distribution and transportation systems. We believed that security occupies an important place in this new model.

2,5 billions a year more of connected devices will be present on the market place for the next ten years. This means an increasing number of microcomputers that control their operations, perform useful applications, measure, sense…

In this market place all things, goods and people will be connected: trucks, buses, cars, peoples, pets, bags, phones, watches, precious objects.

Such a big number information that need to be stored, analysed and dispatched to specialized platforms concerned by Homeland Security, Elderly care, Geographical Localization, Residential security, Goods transportation, Fire alarms and individual security.

So a lot of new services should be proposed to the security Market Place in a cross border or worldwide mode

An ARC will be linked to The Big Data Could in order to cross-needed information to assume the security of goods, Building and people. Getting location, Health Status and of course video Live.

But the transformation of this way of handling alarms will not happened in one day, so the first steps will be:

  • The concentration of information in Data centers.
  • All old PSTN and GPRS network will disappear, replaced by high speed connexions transporting Datas, Video and Sound.
  • ARC’s will become international in a cross Borders mode. For Europe, only two ARC’s will be necessary. Having all the technologies for receiving, analyse and treating the information dispatched to operational workstation in each country providing a reliable relationship in the language of the customer.
  • Robots and drones support.
  • Artificial Intelligence could be used in order to help operator’s to get the right decision in this maelstrom of information.

ESI helped by his large R&D department is continually adding features to reaching this target. The cross border capability, the cloud storage, the multimedia receiving information, the multilingual support, the high speed networks support is our present.



​Communication from the ESI Group Commercial Management

Dear customers,

In my position of Commercial Director of the ESI Group, I am committed to provide you with the fastest responses as possible to all your inquiries for which the ESI Sales Team can help with a better internal coordination in between services.

Your Sales Executive is your primary interlocutor and remains at your disposal should you have any commercial inquiry related to this or a new project.

Besides we have opened a specific email address would you want to send direct requests to the Commercial Management of the ESI Group:

I will personally check all your messages on a very regular basis and avoid any delay for getting your responses back.

Our common Objective : your maximum satisfaction !

Jérôme ANASTASE , VP International



ESI wishes you very Happy Holidays !!

Claude-Philippe NERI, CEO, Philippe CAMILLERI, MD, and the entire ESI Group staff would like to thank their customers for the confidence given during all the year 2014, and wish them very Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. For Information, ESI are closing their offices from 24/12/14 till 2/1/15 (reopening on 5/1/15). In 2015 the ESI Group will launch new strategic initiatives marked by always more creativity whilemotivated by always better servicing their clients. We look forward to reconvening in 2015.



Überblick über die Stände der ESI Group in Essen



IFSEC : 17-19 June 2014

Like every year ESI Group are participating to IFSEC 2014 and will reveal new products from ESI and ARGOS Technologies.

ESI will introduce a powerful Video Analytics module adding to their Global Solution portfolio for CCTV CMS and Alarm Monitoring Centers. This new AV1 product features real time Video Analytics to eliminate false alarms hence much better drive operators’ intervention decisions. The AV1 module enhances ESI’s V1Multiprotocol client–server video solution supporting already 120 video protocols.

ARGOS Technologies will show an All-In-One VMS solution based on SoftNet Manager and INTEGRAL SDI Hx, a software and hardware solution installed at any site being video monitored by a central Monitoring Station which providing : 3D maps management, Video Recording of cameras, Video analytics algorithms embedded and HD-SDI technology compliancy.

Register on this link to visit our booth C1525.



News customers ESI

  • Customers who chose to migrate of environments colleagues to ESI :
  1. AFONE - France : Horus migration to M1 .
  2. TELECONTROL - Italy : migration URMET solution to M1 and complete station Global Solution .
  3. COMMEZBANK - Germany : migration of owner solution to M1.
  4. PROSEGUR - France : Horus migration to M1 and implementation of a Cyberguarding's platform.
  5. LYNX - Swiss : Horus migration to ESI system.
  6. PRESENCE VERTE (Groupama) - France : Horus migration to M1.
  7. HELWATCH - Austria : migration of various front to front F1.
  8. Town Hall of Tours : migration T2i and Azur Soft to ESI Global solution.
  9. CONDOR - Allemagne : migration of the owner system to ESI Global solution.
  10. A1 - Ukraine.
  11. Very many other customers have trusted us.
  • Others news customers :
  1. Bank RAIFFENSEN - Luxembourg : installation of VMS and cameras in bank agencies.
  2. General Management of Armaments - France : Cyberguarding solution.
  3. Pierre KESS - Luxembourg.
  4. CORS On Line - france: Cyberguarding solution.


Disaster Recovery and ASP Link

The ASP Link's plateform is now installed in a new Data Center located in Puget sur Argens, in a monitoring station who is in acquisition of the qualification APSAD P3. The platform is redundant to another station APSAD P3 in Limoges.

ASP Link provides all modules and technical resources , as well as all protocols of Global Solutions in range SAAS (Software As A Service) .

Three differents types of services are now available for the platform's customers :

Disaster Recovery : platform replicated in real time or delayed (depending of choices and volumes) immediately available in case of fall of the client platform.

SAAS : provision , through a simple internet explorer via VPN , of all ESI solutions for operators wishing to manage their alarms themselves without worrying about the technical part .

Resource sharing : sharing resources on specific protocols or links requiring implementation costs in TBS too expensive compared to the number of customers managed .

The video will soon be available as a cloud .



Novelties V1

  • New Samsung SDK : 46 new compatible references
  • CCTVLine new protocole
  • V1 now allows 256 video screens